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I have been making what I call 'clusters' for over 20 years. By "cluster" I mean several panels or canvases that make up one work of art. Though they depict the same subject, each one is a different point of view of that subject. They started with my observation that it takes many glances at a subject to create a painting. One's eyes move back and forth, up and down all over the subject and one never really sees the 'whole' subject at once. Later I realized, looking at one of my finished clusters, that I was seeing several points of view being represented in one work. That led me to view the cluster as a metaphor.

It represents a post-modern idea by diminishing the authority of any single point of view. It asserts that truth is multi-faceted. In regarding a cluster, the viewer knows that each panel in the grouping relates to the same subject. He/she might be struck by similarity and connectedness as well as contrast and disjuncture among the separate panels in the cluster. The fact is that much more knowledge of a subject is gathered from a cluster than from any single panel. Moreover, the integrity of each panel as a description of its particular facet of the whole makes it an equal partaker of the truth of the subject. Maybe the visual experience offered by a cluster can help us learn to appreciate and value one another's different points of view in the larger sense.

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