​Between 1999 and 2009, I made nearly 600 portraits of individual sitters in oil paint. Each session took about 3 hours and the result was a 9x12 painting of the mask of each face. These groups of portraits were hung in grids in each community they represented. The first installation of 200, entitled “Facing Paint”, was all of the citizens of Chico, California, where I lived for 19 years.

The second, entitled “Faces of Paseo” consisted of 105 portraits painted as part of a 4-month residency in the Paseo district of Oklahoma City. All the faces are of artists, collectors, gallerists, and arts commission members of that arts district. The third 200 were hung in Chico at the Chico Museum in 2009. Various family members, friends, and commissions accounted for the other 70+ portraits made during the period.

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